In this film, we explore mankind's attempt to scientifically prove methods for enriching the human experience. An examination of the various events of the 20th century that sparked the positive psychology movement. From politics to social movements, from war to the counter culture, and from science to the divine, our investigation brings us face to face with the people who knowingly and unknowingly played roles as part of a movement that aspires to bring greater mental peace to the world through the fusion of myriad disciplines including neuroscience, psychology, buddhism, and spiritual/religious beliefs. The data is out there, all you need is a little willingness to seek it. 


Our Mission

To provide the knowledge and wisdom that is widely available from varying different authors, scientists, psychologist, and spiritual/religious leaders in a format that engages the audience to participate in practices aimed at increasing mental wellbeing even to the level of transcendent knowledge.

Images courtesy of MBF Bioscience