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Felicidad “Meña” Gutierrez

Meña is principle of the elementary school in Macaracas Panamá, where she not only cares for the children of her school, but is an activist for community in her town, helping any and all in need around her. She is an example of faith through Catholicism which drives her to serve others through giving her time and assistance.

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Hansa Yogendra

Dr. Hansa Yogendra is an Indian yoga guru, author, researcher and TV personality. She is director of The Yoga Institute in Mumbai, the oldest organized yoga center in the world, founded in 1918.

In the 1908’s she worked as TV presenter for the television series Yoga for Better Living. She is chairperson of Yoga Certification Committee for Quality Council of India and President of International Board of Yoga. She also serves as Vice President of the Indian Yoga Association.

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Monk Jung-yeon

Director of general affairs at Donghwasa Monastery, South Korea the 9th parish and head of office of Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.

He provides the wisdom of eastern buddhist practices to give an eastern perspective on the western movements of psychology and mindfulness.

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Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz PhD is a historian and Mary Huggins Gamble Foundation Chair and Professor Emeritus of American History at Smith College. Daniel’s book Happier? presents the first history of positive psychology and happiness research and the ways these fields have influenced the lives of millions of people around the world.

His work focuses on the history of consumer culture and social criticism in the U.S. Among the honors he has received are two fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities, one from the National Humanities Center, and one from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.

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Jennifer Hadley

Reverend Jennifer Hadley is a Spiritual Counseler and holds a Ministerial degree from the Agape International Spiritual Center’s Ministerial Program in 2006, originally founded by Michael Beckwith.

She has been in private practice as an Agape Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor since 2000. As an Intuitive Spiritual Therapist, Jennifer employs her considerable intuitive skills and knowledge of spiritual principle, Science of Mind & A Course In Miracles to assist in therapy and spiritual well being.

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Mark Coleman

Mark Coleman holds a MA in Clinical Psychology and works individually with people as an executive coach and consultant, drawing on his extensive experience in working with people as a therapist. Mark is a senior meditation teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, a renowned leader in the mindfulness field, and teaches regularly with pioneering teachers such as Jack Kornfield and Sharon Salzburg. He has been teaching mindfulness workshops and meditation retreats in six continents for the past fifteen years.

He is writer and author of Make Peace with Your Mind: How Mindfulness and Compassion Can Help Free You from the Inner Critic, and Awake in the Wild: Mindfulness in Nature as a Path of Self-Discovery.

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Ron and Mary Hulnick

Ron and Mary Hulnick PhD are pioneers and worldwide leaders in the field of Spiritual Psychology. As Founding Faculty of the University of Santa Monica’s Programs in Spiritual Psychology, they have designed the University’s experiential curriculum and serve as the lead faculty.

Dr. Mary Hulnick is a pioneer and innovator in the field of Spiritual Psychology, and in her role at the University, she is responsible for all academic matters including curriculum development, academic standards and policy, faculty/student relationships, and faculty development.

Dr. H. Ronald Hulnick is a pioneer and innovator in the field of Spiritual Psychology, and together with the University’s Chief Creative Officer, Dr. Mary R. Hulnick, he has played a seminal role in the development of the study and practice of Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica.

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Piero Ferrucci

Piero Ferrucci PhD is a psychotherapist and a philosopher. He graduated from the University of Torino in 1970. He was trained by Roberto Assagioli, the founder of psychosynthesis, and has written several books including The Power of Kindness and What We May Be: The Vision and Techniques of Psychosynthesis

Piero Ferrucci has a had psychotherapy practice for the past thirty-five years and teaches in several European countries.

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Ralph Pearce

Ralph Pearce MD is a physician and spiritual psychologist. He holds a medical degree from Louisiana State University in 1978 Fellowship in Gastroenterology in 1983 and a Masters in Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica in 2008.

He is in private practice medicine in The Woodlands, Texas and works with various spiritual groups in Texas and California including the Mankind Project, University of Santa Monica and The Freedom to Choose Foundation which teaches spiritual psychology communication skill sets to people in prison.

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Sara Lazar

Sara W. Lazar, PhD is an Associate Researcher in the Psychiatry Department at Massachusetts General Hospital and an Assistant Professor in Psychology at Harvard Medical School. The focus of her research is to elucidate the neural mechanisms underlying the beneficial effects of yoga and meditation, both in clinical settings and in healthy individuals.

She is a contributing author to Meditation and Psychotherapy (Guilford Press). She has been practicing yoga and mindfulness meditation since 1994. Her research has been covered by numerous news outlets including The New York Times, USA Today, CNN, and WebMD, and her work has been featured in a display at the Boston Museum of Science.

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Gerd Kempermann

Gerd Kempermann, MD, is Professor for “Genomics of Regeneration”, Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden (CRTD), DFG Research Center and Excellence Cluster. He studied medicine in Cologne and Freiburg, Germany. After two years of residency in Neuropathology he became postdoctoral fellow in Fred H. Gage's group at the Salk Institute in La Jolla. Since then he has been working on the biology of endogenous neural stem cells in the healthy and diseased brain and on the functional relevance of adult neurogenesis.